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Contact information

For general barn questions, Board, Facility Rental, or Planning an Event

Call LeeAnn @ 509-953-4511, or email [email protected]

or call Ray @ 509-993-7758, or email [email protected]

For Inquiries and special needs for your horses:

Call or Text

NATE 509-979-1387

Nate Ostrander is also our Instructor/Trainer, his abilities are superior, you can ask for no better for your equestrian needs.

Nate's # 509-979-1387

If you are qualified and have need for a facility to carry out your equestrian business give Ray or LeeAnn a call and we'll see if we can meet your goals. Thanks.

We'd love to hear from you! If you just have a general question fill out the form below and we will answer the best we can.

Nate can be reached at 509-979-1387