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For Sale - By LRS

No listings at this time. Keep checking back. 

Other Stuff Available!

We also have lots of antiques and old radios for sale call Ray if this kind of stuff is of interest to you 509-993-7758. The stuff can also be seen @

Listed For Sale - NOT @ LRS

The following are listed for sale - but are NOT @ LRS. You will have to follow the contact to the lister for more information. LRS does not guarantee anything in this section - and suggests that you do your own research for their validity.

Check for things Ray has listed. If you put his phone number in the craiglist search box (509-993-7758) you can see what he is currently listing.

some items are:

Antique Radios, Clocks & Cameras

Business Opportunity

No other listings at the moment keep checking back.

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